For The Living

In some way or the other we all sometimes feel… dead, not alive, hovering in a constant middle ground between life, and between death. We look at things and ask why? The inquisitive creature that controls our mind demands reasons, it demands knowledge. Most of us sail through the day without thinking too much about any of it, about our place in the world, or even our place in our own minds. We think in not acknowledging that the world is full of suffering, pain, love, despair, and death, will make it easier for us to live our lives. And yet, without that pain, that despair, we would not know what it is to love, to feel happiness in the world.

This is my first post here. Honestly I have no idea where this is going. I wanted a place where I can express myself in a creative way using my writing and the love I have for people. Deem it the rambling thoughts of a persons incessant mind.

For The Living.


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