Original, People

Have people lost the notion of orginality?

Let’s be honest in this world of seven billion people, there is little that is in fact truly original. We dress like others, our accents are like others, we even look like others. So what is original? An idea? A story? An invention? Of course there is always the possibility of creating something new, of inventing something that has never existed before, but the chances are unlikley. Well… unless you’re the spawn of Einstein, or Murakami, dare I even say Elon Musk. However the majority of us aren’t working in groundbreaking fields. Most of us are for all intents and purposes just normal people.

I am being cynical and pessimistic, I’m sorry. I think a good dose of it is welcome in our lives. Constantly being on the side of optimism is weary. Or maybe this is just me.

I think in perpetually striving for originality we lose a sense of newness to our thoughts that we would otherwise have been able to draw from. In forcing ourselves to be original we look to others for inspiration, and in many cases, a little too much. Sit back, listen to your own thoughts, contemplate life without needing to be something that others are not, without needing to create something that has not been created. Ideas, they come and go. Though the good ones always stick around to be heard amongst the rest. These are the keepers.

When I write I do look to others for inspiration. After all our lives are always inspired, be it our parents, our heroes, and the people we look up to. It is, in this sense, inescapable. It is the way in which we do things that boast the true meaning of original, not the final product.

People want to stand out, we are inherently needy in this regard. It is nature, a nature that we cannot escape. But think, in trying to make ourselves known, we are making ourselves a poster-child for normalcy.

Relax, be who you are. Create what you create. Do what comes naturally, because in the end, this is what’s rewarded, this is what rewards us. We are our own beings. That’s the most important thing.



3 thoughts on “Original, People

  1. Hi Chris, you have an easy way of explaining things and it makes it really easy to read. Sometimes, we shouldn’t even think about “normal” “creative” “original” “new” to make IT happen. Sometimes we need to do what others are doing to know, if we like it or not, if it fits us or not. Originality is also taking it a step further, or ironically enough a step back… sometimes.

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