Emmy The Great – Things That Heal

A First Love

When I first heard this song three of four years ago, times weren’t the greatest, far from it. In fact, put bluntly, they were completely shitty. I was at my lowest point, somewhere close to the core of the Earth. My mind was overheating, there wasn’t a moment when I wasn’t exasperated with everything I did and everything I saw.

Until this song/Emmy – there were few moments I could sit in calmness.

There are things in life that are special, without any standout reason why. Or maybe there is a reason, but often they’re too illusive to see and understand. This song is one of those things. These paragons that spring from nowhere, saying, inflecting things in ways we cannot determine. Only, we know they are good, useful to us. They heal and patch over the fissures in our skin, the fractures in our bones.

When I listened to this song, her songs, I felt something. And at that point, feeling something – no matter what – was a relief from all the other things battering at the doors of my consciousness. It was a catalyst for something greater, an end to an era of suffering. A new sapling amongst a forest of withering, dying trees.

And so I listened, not just to Emmy, but to great, inspiring music as a whole.

I got better, somewhat.

I’m not saying I am healed, nor that this healed me alone. But this is what time does, it makes things and people better. And when combined with other motions, parts eventually make a whole. And in that whole things are much easier to see and comprehend. Eventually the problems, the demons, they become weaker.

Once they are weaker, they are easier to tackle, to pin against the wall and shout enough is enough.

Eventually, given enough time, we become different people altogether.


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