Diary Deconstruction and Darwinism

I write in my diary, journal… whatever you want to call it, on a semi-regular basis. I started probably just over a year ago. And I would say that it’s helped me greatly with… being myself, dealing with anxiety, and depression… life in general. A place where my thoughts exist without them actually being in the ‘real’ world. Much like this blog. I suppose it is a form of evolution. Diary Darwinism.

Anyway, some of the things I write in my diary:

  • Letters to people, only seen by my eyes.
  • Rants about anything and everything.
  • Writing ideas and general writing madness.
  • Massively private confessions
  • Things that wouldn’t translate to spoken words.
  • Things I wish for.
  • Musings on the world.
  • Incesent ramblings about people.
  • Self-improvement plans.
  • Self-hatred.
  • Things I neither approve of nor understand…

So, yeah, that’s it. And now here I am. My new ‘diary-kind-of-thing-blog-thing’ on here.


You get it. I’m mad.


8 thoughts on “Diary Deconstruction and Darwinism

  1. You are not mad. In fact I’d call you one of the sanest people I’ve seen online. A blog is a really great platform to let out your thoughts and feelings and just ramble on in general about life. Lookin forward to more of your posts ☺

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  2. I started writing in a journal at the start of the year – it started slowly and stuttered along for a week or so then suddenly took off now I’m addicted and carry a notebook all the time – such a load off my mind to be able to download and move on.

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      • Exactly! And it is amazing the insights which can be had – just this year I have dissolved (which works better than resolved) so many crusty old problems I had been carrying around for years! By taking the ephemeral hard to pin down thingywhatsit and turning it into hard clear reality on the page it becomes so much easier to deal with as the why and how become more apparent alongside the “isness” But I’m getting carried away – great inspirational post obviously – well done you 🙂


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