My Personality Type – INFP-T

So, I took a personality test (I did it here – and apparently I’m an INFP-T.

I’m about as introverted as you can get, and about as turbulent as you can get. With good amounts of intuitiveness and prospectiveness in there too. Now, it says I am a dreamer, a true idealist who is always looking for the good in the world. Sure, I answered the questions honestly even when I didn’t like the answer I was giving. And I suppose, I do search for the good, hope that it is out there in droves. Though, it is more complicated. A part of me rationally thinks that the majority of people out there just aren’t good. I don’t know how I feel about this, or how it fits into things. It’s as though I hope things, and people will always be good, underneath. Yet, I know this is not the actual reality we all live in.

According to the page, only 4% of people have this personality type. I suppose I can see why. Things aren’t always the easiest. Finding people who I can relate to, who I don’t inadvertantly offend – it is a terribly hard, tiring. Although, It is a challenge that I royally accept (on a good day, anyway). Something to work towards. A way in which to imporve myself. Then again, I suppose we don’t choose who we are, what are ‘mind-make-up’ is.

Whilst the negative aspects plauge each day of my life, the positves equally enrich them in surely a more rewarding way. Replacing more than what is taken. Or… this is what I believe anyway. And isn’t believing the most important part of anything?

I am creative. I am passionate for the things I love. I am sensitive to most things. I can’t control my emotions. Friendships/relationships are dreadfully hard. I prefer a book to a party. I think far too much about certain things.Ā 

In the end, I am who I am… a person who I’m slowly getting to know and accept.

What’s your personality ‘type?’


4 thoughts on “My Personality Type – INFP-T

  1. I took the test a couple of years ago. Result INFJ/T difficult to fully ascertain because when I am in research mode I’m mostly “J” anyway, definitely one of the rare ducks. I found it en lightening to see that everyone really is different and it helped me to “get” why I feel so odd when I compare myself to those around me. And comparison cannot be avoided. Anyway me too – one of the rare ducks too – cheer up šŸ™‚ Books are great, writing is great – life is beautiful and our personality types are more likely to see that beauty and feel it everywhere. So we are lucky xx

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