Blatant Credence

Life, it is so goddamned smart.

Living here, dying there.

Asking questions;

Fucking everywhere.

Look to the past, it is a drag.

Wondering what it is that’s there.

Am I paranoid;

I wouldn’t doubt it.

Look, it’s not that I am depressed.

Just looking for something of a rest.

Do not lie when I say this.

But please stop with the relentless theories.

Is there any certainty.

Here I sit, wondering what’s in store for me.

An endless judgement of absurdity.

How can this be true reality?

I get the train to one pure place.

Seeing our land of utter disgrace.

In the eyes, of us the people.

Taking each view in blatant credence.

Loneliness, my dear friend.

Faking it to the bitter end.

But do please stand by and stare;

While I rip out my fucking hair.




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