Film, It Matters to Me

I suppose I get my love of film from my dad. And just like him, I’ve always been in love with it. I’ve never needed any coercing to see its beautiful side. I’ve never needed convincing on the ways in which it has affected my life. And believe me when I say, it has, greatly.

My favourite films is 500 Days of Summer.

My second favourite is Lost in Translation.

Yes, I’m a guy and I like Rom Coms. Though not just any standard chick flick. It has to have substance, depth, three dimensional characters, style. There have to be parameters that are met. Yet, I suppose this is the same for film of all kinds. Though maybe it is not so easy to achieve in this genre. To create something different that stands out from the crowd, that doesn’t slip into the pool of non-committed, money grabbing films that give nothing towards the actual art that film-making is.

Growing up my idol was always Jackie Chan. I’m fairly certain there isn’t a film of his I haven’t watched. I don’t know whether it was the martial arts, the humour, or a mix if the two. As I’m a big fan of comedy (most types) I’m inclined to believe it was the humour. Not to mention that he’s a nice guy in the real world, (that has a lot of sway with me) which can’t be said about too many celebrities in the spotlight. I read his autobiography a few years back. It was an interesting read. I suppose in many regards, Jackie Chan’s earlier films opened me up to a lesser known side of film from a young age. Maybe it was this exposure too that added to the love.

I don’t just watch a film, I feel it. I don’t just see the characters, I relate to them – I am them. Through my eyes, that is the purpose of film. Of course, it is to entertain too. But it is also to inform, to relate to, to sympathise with, to find beauty and art in. It can be so much more than what’s often believed – a cash cow. Unfortunately finding these types of film can sometimes be the trick part. Recently I watched a move called Into the Forest, this was exactly one of those films. I recommend it!

I don’t know what it is about film in general that seems so attractive to me. Maybe it is the hope in the characters, the beauty in the narrative, the love in relationships, the survival against the odds, the work of visionary directors. Like with books, I cannot imagine a world without film. A world without Hitchcock, Kubrick, Spielberg, Cameron, and all those others that I have to love. Those that have come to support and supplement my entire existence.

I await all the films to come in the future! And all the joy – sadness too – that I might take from them.

Well… this isn’t as concise as I thought it might be, but it’s raw. Maybe that matters more.


-Chris ❤


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