Last Night

The fire, it burnt so bright;

In the souls of their eyes last night.

Indeterminable of what might come.

Unable to turn and run.


What a time we live in.

When we’re punished for each and every sin.

When the oppression is so brutally blatant.

Even with something such a simple statement.


Is this what it’s come to?

With hoops and hoops to jump through.

So, what might the future hold?

From here, it seems mightily cold.


We’re all human; how is this subjective?

And yet causing pain is a persons prime directive.

The pure insatiability.

The ruthfulness they attribute to their so-called nobility.


People, they cry and cry;

But others don’t find it in themselves to even sigh.

A new world so thoughtless and inferior.

Giving in to pure neglegent imperium


And this is what we must come to bear.

Rationality as thin as a strand of hair.

A life built on futile lies.

Seen by far, far too few eyes.




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