Tiny Stories – A Bewildered Chamber

A Bewildered Chamber

Everything was dark. It seemed as though I had entered a world of pure night. Nothing could be discerned in the blackness. I tried putting my hand in front of my eyes, but I saw nothing. As far as I knew, the hand might not have existed. I felt my heart race. Darkness had always induced a painful fear within me. It wasn’t the darkness itself I found disturbing, but what the darkness might hold. The world which could not been seen. For there was no reason for it to take the same shape at night as it did in the day. Only one thing seemed scarier than the unknown, and that was knowing all.

The first thing I thought was: How do I escape, how do I rid myself of this terrifying world of black? But that’s the thing about being in the dark, it makes the answers a lot harder to find. Impossible to find, even.

Attentively I moved forward, step by step, with both my suspicious hands outstretched in front of me.  I can’t remember how long it took, or haw many steps I made, but my hands came to rest against a hard surface. It was wet, slimy and cold. Knowing there was something there, but not knowing what that something was made me wretch in fear. I backed away, walked the other direction. There, after a little more time I felt the slime, and the cold, and all the unending fear that came with it.

I tried all directions, yet no matter which I took, the wall always seemed to be there. A wall that sapped me of hope, and of life. I was encircled in this chamber of perpetual nothing, of un-regretful dark and pure misery.

There was nothing I could do about it. Not unless I somehow happened upon a light switch, but that seemed painfully unlikely.


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