Rainy Days

There’s something about those rainy days,

In which the rain falls on my face.

Those little aphorisms blowing in the wind.

I do find pleasure in these certain things.


Maybe I will come home late.

Maybe it will be in a state.

But that rain it still falls down.

So I do not manage to muster a frown.


Sometimes it will stop,

And some days there won’t be a drop.

So, I remember a time,

When that rainfall was only mine.


Look to the west and to the east.

For the clouds that do bring peace.

I don’t know why I care so much,

It seems others don’t see as such.


Yet here I am, circumspect;

Haven’t a clue what to expect.

But for the moment it’s okay.

So long as the rain falls in this same way.



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