Dentistry and Coffee

I went to the dentist yesterday. If any of you live in the UK, you know what a pain that can be (logistically). Though I guess it could be the exact same elsewhere too. After having a completely shitty job done at an NHS dentist almost an hour away, three years ago. I went to a private surgery 10 mins away. Garnering a dentist on the National Health Service after the age of eighteen can be an arduous task, especially if you live out in the country like myself.

Ninety minutes later and £285 lighter, some of my teeth are fixed. There is yet another £500 to pay in the coming months to fix the remaining offenders – thank you very much previous dentist! Your service was fucking appreciated!

So, why the post about dentistry? Well, because the dentist, is a really nice guy.

I know, right?

A dentist, you say!

Nice, you say?

Yes, I say!

And….. now that somewhat required back-and-forth is out of the way, I can crack on. It was almost like I wasn’t getting my teeth drilled and sanded. We talked about the art of coffee-making. His favourite coffee – Old Brown Java. He told be the best way to grind the beans without heating them and impairing flavour. And though his knowledge of coffee is far above my own – I let him in on my love of tea,which he isn’t as versed in, particularly the Japanese green teas which I love. Remember, a two-minute steep! You don’t want it getting bitter.

Anyway, without boring you to death, it was a far less traumatic experience than I’d thought it might be. And that’s always a good thing! That’s always something to smile about! It’s fair to say that going back there won’t be the big deal it always has been in the past.

It’s funny how a person’s attitude and small-talk can make things a whole lot more bearable. People don’t see that nearly enough. It’s a massive oversight, to say the least.

-Chris ❤


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