The Ephemerality of Words

I wrote for a pretty decent amount of time yesterday – better than any other period in the last month or so. And in doing so I managed to get three or four pages of not-so-awulf words down. I was happy, ecstatic even…

And then today, my computer crashed – everything is gone… Nothing saved. And not even my half-decent computer knowledge could revive anthything from the depths of my hard drive.

Such is the world, I think.

Such is life.

I know, they are only words. Specific words conveying a certain idea, a certain story. Yes, they can be wrote again. Maybe not in the same order, but with the same meaning. Maybe not with the same coherence, but with the same sense of purpose. I know, I know… It is finding the motivation to write it all again, that is the hard part.

I will though… I will.

We do anything for love, right?

-Chris ā¤



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