In The Moment of Meditation

For the past few days, I’ve been meditating – and properly this time, with intent and purpose, rather than it being a passing fad like many times in the past.

To be honest it feels good. To be in myself, to sit down and let all other things melt away into oblivion. You feel things you haven’t felt in such a long time, a connection, a tether to a mysterious being – that I suspect is in fact yourself. The person, the mind that has gone neglected all this time. Because, thinking about it, the mind is not completely a physical thing like the body, it is mysterious and convoluted, enigmatic and selfish. Though, like the body, it needs to be taken care of, loved and cherished. This lacks in our society, it gets pushed under the rug, forgotten about.

How is the body supposed to function without the mind?

Who’s to blame? Education? Parents? Culture? Society as a whole? Who knows, maybe there is not one singular point of blame, but a coming together of all detrimental things.

Why does mathematics get taught, but not mindfulness? Why physical education, but not meditation? It seems odd to me in a world when the pressure is so great on the mind, that it is simply overlooked, ostracised and taboo.

In a less… proper way – It’s fucked!

So, meditate, and be mindful. This place we live in is unforgiving. And frankly, so too are the majority of people who reside within it. I like to think I’m not. I like to think that many of us on here are not. Putting aside arrogance for a second – maybe it is our responsibility to tidy up, to show people how to live better, maybe even happier lives. Though, I think first we have to concentrate on ourselves. Be the best self we can be. And then when we are ready, look outward. Tell what we’ve learnt.

-Chris ❤


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