In The Unknown

I crave touch.

Skin against skin.

A closeness unknown.

Intimacy unexplored.

Though, I am a prisoner,

Within a mind of petiness.

Encased within endless anxiety;

Endless self-judgement.

An escape, a freedom,

It is all I seek.

To feel warmth.

To be greeted with one’s smile.

Unfaltering in love.

Love… what can one say of love?

For it is as elusive as touch.

As mysterious as pleasure.

Both in body, and in soul.

For I live a life in the pure unknown.



18 thoughts on “In The Unknown

  1. Hey, those are my thoughts! That is my life you are describing! 😮 What have you done?
    Compact and relatable. I love your poems. ❤
    Keep it up! ☺
    Love, Rashi.


  2. Very interesting thoughts expressed in this poem. Hopefully, I don’t misquote here: “What can one say of love? It is as elusive as touch.” Which is true on multiple levels including the physical. Atoms filled with space, repulsing on some subatomic level another person’s hand to manifest the signal in the brain as perceived touch. Deep, deep thoughts. I like your mind.

    Liked by 1 person

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