What Is and What Isn’t

I find myself hoping,

Awash in a sense of my own wrongs.

And yet, that is not how I see them.

Because what I speak is true, utterly.

And I am a fool for thinking all things can be as one;

As equal in the night as they are in the day.

For one, and for two, it can never be the same.

A wish, a hello, a merry – maybe it’s too much.

Maybe it is not at the forefront.

I try to believe, and I try to think;

Understand where the difference is, link to link.

In what is and what isn’t.

In what might be and what mightn’t.

Is there really any difference?

Am I not deserving, not strong.

Rotting in pitiful servitude where I belong.

I don’t beg, and I don’t ask.

I sit, and await the next.

Mind fading towards the day in which there will not be.

Strong – maybe not so much then…


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