Sea of Dreams

Unto the light of days,

In the sweet, sweet buttery haze.

Milk, it flows wildly,

Awash in the untoward Sea of Dreams.


One cannot speak

Of what they haven’t seen.

And neither can one dream

Of what they cannot imagine.


Light, flicked off in a distant window.

Living, breathing, arching its way home.

Crossing the loud and bitter hinterland,

Incomprehensible, longing to see,

To breath and to eat.

For not all is lost in the Sea of Dreams.

Into the sand, and into the lake.

All that light dances,

And all it leaves in its wake.


Forgiven for believing in rotten luck.

Aptitude, successful, on the brink.

Unhinged, flogged, washed down the sink.

And so one begins the journey,

On towards the Sea of Dreams.


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