Dark Skin in Jaded Days

Falling, and falling slowly.

Falling for that dark skin, those dark eyes.

I was a boy, nothing more;

Life was pretty goddamned jaded.

Living in the shadow of all that made it.


Sitting beside, smiling away;

Fright in the eyes of the mirror all day.

I wonder back to those strange days,

Days of dark, days of unnoticed suffering.

I thought, I wondered, and I longed,

All for something I could never sway my way.

Especially not in those sorrowful, jaded days.


Powerless in the ushered, revered curiousness.

A vast, insurmountable ocean, outwards stretching;

On towards the far, distant beyond.

Beyond all sound, and all visible light.

Water beyond comprehension, beyond all that is human.


Still, the dark skin penetrated;

Down to the deepness of my crucified soul.

Curating in the advent of all that I would ever come to know.

But that party, and that deepening hole,

Youthfulness; images of misshapen cosmic comets.

Stars meandering through the endlessness of space.

All that’s between; all that isn’t between.

Meeting in that vast expanse, it was always impossibly unlikely.

Especially in those Jaded days.



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