The Forest of Words

Stuck in the Forest of Words.

A passage, a portal to numerous lands unheard.

In which the fairies float and the birds unduly caw.

A mere symptom of some unwritten law.


With the sky above the land.

Oceans desolate in the plight of blown sand.

Little by little, construct is created.

From the dark, from the light;

From all that is black, and from all that is white.


One is saddened by the revelation of a million words.

Trunks, branches, leaves, grounded in earth.

One sees, and one believes,

A life written in the forest of pale leaves.


Amongst the critters and the crows,

Underneath bark, and the abyssal depths of the sea,

Enigma is born, ruler of all free lands.

Casting her curse upon the already cursed.

Evolution from her sea to the The Forest of Words;

Laughing, bemused as the open-air-wind blows.

For this is now her land, one she’s come to own.

And so, now, there is no escape from The Forest of Words.


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