Beneath Distant Dreams

Time aside from time well spent.

Laying down in the dirt of lost dreams.

Hitched on the memories scooting by.

Latched to all that revolved, and

All that inanely failed to.


Grandiose in dream, forgetful in memory.

Initiate the one;

All that I secretly seek.


Hoping for time, and

In time hoping for hope.

Relentless in energy spent.

Horribly heinous in one’s decent.


Cannot forgive;

Cannot let go.

Crime of the century,

Crimes against forthright humanity.


In the speaking of words,

All that’s thought; not all that’s done.

Laying in the mud of riddled energy.

Time well spent,

Something I doubt.


Deceit in a fleeting action.

Called to arms in the face of mumbles.

Life teetering amidst dark matter.

Sights to hold

In the rendering of forgetting.

No sights; utter bewilderment.


Days black or white,

Tortoise or hair,

Prompted to walk in jumbled kindness.

Insides ravaging with despair.

Caught in a moments notice;

Blown by the wind like,

Paper in the breath of the devil’s squall.


Blue turned to red,

As the clouds come crushing.

Air, cherishing it never made sense.


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