Dreams – ‘Feeling’ in the Blustery Breeze

Last night, I had a dream. (it partly inspired this poem – Unfeeling in the Lands of Plenty)  I suppose in many regards it wasn’t a too unusual dream, well… not by my own, somewhat odd standards, anyway. Over the years I have become accustomed to falling asleep and entering the crazy land of my vivid dreams. I have written about them before.

So, for the past few nights I have been a little unsettled because of a cold I am currently battling through – I think I’ve got it on the back foot! Anyway, I awoke this morning with that all-familiar feeling of having a dream that means something, though sometimes the meaning is lost, and all I’m ultimately left with is a beautiful, vestigial glowing. Like the shimmering of the road surface on a hot and humid day, or the subtle effect that de-ja-vu has. It is warm, it flows around my body with a hurried vigour. And in that moment, as I let it flow through my soul, I wonder how I’ve ever lived without it – how I manage to live without feeling it in the real, waking world. It’s something that I crave. Something that in reality is completely unreachable.

It would be horribly hard to explain what my dream was about, and what it felt like as I experienced it. But, I will give an outline, a blurb of what I can recall semi-clearly:

I knew that I had to do something, something of great importance. I felt around my wrist, there was a white bracelet there – I didn’t know what if was for. I found myself in a car, travelling along some unknown road, towards some unknown place. After an indeterminable amount of time, I got out, carrying some sort of backpack/hamper. I scaled a fence. The weather wasn’t glorious. The wind gusted, sending leaves scattering amidst the air, and the sky was dark – overcast. Though, there wasn’t a drop of rain in the air. Looking around, I saw a few other people – people talking, chatting, seemingly heading in no certain direction, much like myself. Once again I fingered the thin white bracelet, and out of nowhere, I was suddenly aware of what it meant: the way I would identify my ‘date.’ It was a picnic, despite the weather. As I climbed a small hill covered in thick grass, I saw someone I knew, a person from my past, who, it isn’t clear. Just someone… Around her wrist I saw the same white bracelet that I wore around my own. I felt a rush, a mix of excitement and panic that I knew all to well. And yet, I walked up to her. I pointed at my bracelet, and then to hers – she gave a surprised, but benevolent laugh. I laughed too. We separated from her friends, and found a place to sit amongst the grass and some nearby trees. And though the wind blew, it wasn’t cold, it was just perfect. I poured some coffee, and began to lay out the food from my pack. It felt good, it felt better than anything.

My memory fades there. If anything comes after, I can’t remember it. All I remember is it fading… maybe getting back into the car. Though, the images, the world, they’re not the most present. It is the feelings I revel in.

I often wonder if it is in any way dangerous to find such pleasure in dreams, in a reality that doesn’t exist – one that is always conjured by my own brain, my own immutable thoughts. Maybe they are dreams, and nothing more. But of course, I know they mean something. I understand that my mind is trying to make up for the real-world-defecit of interaction/relationships I have. It would be negligent to see otherwise. I assume that if I were to have those sorts of relationships in the real world, I would dream differently….

However, I don’t like to think of ‘what ifs,’ just what Is.

And I am happy that I’m able to have – and more importantly FEEL these dreams.

-Chris ❤



4 thoughts on “Dreams – ‘Feeling’ in the Blustery Breeze

  1. Thanks for sharing this, Chris. What a great dream! I think it is something meaningful for your life and one day some things will happen that will remind you of the dream and you’ll say, “Wow…that really was something!” Keep writing them down! 🙂


  2. Can I just say that I am SO so glad that I stumbled upon your page. The way that you dream, and how you explain your dreams through written word, is mesmerizing. I also find your thoughts and interpretations very intriguing, I either resonate with them or they give a whole new perspective. This post is one that really grabbed my attention.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful dreams, and writing!

    Your Fellow Dreamer,

    Liked by 1 person

    • Haha, that’s awesome! I really do appreciate that. You don’t get lovely comments like these too often. It’s nice to be able to put such personal things like dreams out there. And it’s comforting to know people are able to identify with such abstract and intimate things. Thank you! 🙂 ❤


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