Silence in the Barren Land

Guide me around the corner of this land;

With voices sounding, fickle and conniving.

In a world that is so dark and dreary,

Let loose in the waterof senseless raging.


Attempts to tame the wild hounds;

Boundless in their guttural howls,

Which rumble and tear across the scattered ground.


One believes in only what is seen,

Light cascading from the blinding snow,

And the gaping glacial seems.

Following in the footsteps of ages,

Yelling, screaming, ranting

Against the wailing Northern Wind.


Crossing tangles of rivers, ruthless in force.

Possessions bearing down – feet deep in silt.

All in the attempts to resist the relentless current.


Night on the plateau – moon glow.

Grass billowing in the tormentous gale.

Sat wondering of all the cultures to proceed,

All that might be, and all that won’t.

Whispering, begging,

Driving away the Specters of Regret;

Demons of remembrance – torture in memory.


Regency down the drain, washed away,

Diluted until nothing remains.

But still, we sit, and we wait.

For the next day,

And the next,

And the next….

Hoping and praying, that

We won’t be washed away.


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