All These Treasured Things

Listening, no sudden judgement – a receiver,

My mind open, I believe;

Words of utmost transparency.

Don’t be fretful of that which you cannot speak,


Life’s tough, arduous – we know that.

Shared. No seclusion, nor segregation.

A voice to paragraph, to feel in kind;

Life, and love, and all that’s between.


Sometimes I dream, and sometimes I’m bitterly real.

What can be done, achieved, felt – it’s a sad mystery.

But I ponder… what’s best?


Maybe it nullifies disappointment.

Maybe… simply, it’s beyond knowledge;

Knowing, that’s the hardest part – isn’t it always…?

Knowing what to say, and what to leave be;

Misinterpretation – demon dweller of frail words

Creeping ’round the corner, settling in cavernous cracks,

Yell the voices of pain-riddled pasts’.


Bathe within the beat of your chest,

The motion of your up and down breath,

Ground it all in reality – tight knot, heavy anchor.

Forge it into stone too heavy to drag behind,

And leave the grey mist,

The ambiguity of mind’s irrationality.

Be free… Live free…

So, let it all begin again.


6 thoughts on “All These Treasured Things

  1. In some way we all can create our own little world’s and pretend that for those few moments that we won’t be judged or persecuted in some way but yet life will have it’s ups and downs and there will be disappointments but we keep on going. (Sorry for the poetic comment i was just getting that type of vibe from the words you so beautifully written).

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    • That’s exactly right, I agree. There’s always going to be times that are painful, that make us forget the happiness. If that weren’t the case… happiness wouldn’t mean a thing. It’s making it through those rough times – learning from them, that’s the most important thing. And, thank you for coming by and commenting. That’s awesome! 🙂 ❤

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