To Dream of Hope

“There’s no light in the world, no salvation or remorse for our situation. We have carefully crafted this shit-filled biosphere we live in. We have built this stockade of mislead humanity through our evil and selfish actions. And now we are paying the price; or, at the very least, the people of Ashen are. And that is enough for me to see no hope. For hope to be a feeble concept, without a backbone, and without anything driving it forward.”


“We were completely visible and simultaneously, completely invisible. To be seen, to be heard, to go unnoticed. Shadows in the constant night. Bugs to serve no other purpose than a nuisance. That was what we were. That was the theatre our weekends had morphed into. A realism of chaos within a world of uncertainty. A […]

The City Nowadays – Truth In Words

These are not my words. Of course, all credit goes to L.A. Salami, check out my recent post on him, look him up, listen with all your heart and soul.

“I’ve got heartache, headache, high cholesterol, low self esteem.
The terrorists are out to get me because I approved of Noam
Chomsky beating on his chest. – Illegally downloading music’s become too easy – it’ s destroying the culture.
But I don’ t wanna pay for it – fuck that. I’ve got bills to pay, I’ ve got food to eat – I don’t earn that much money –

There are jobs nowhere, I can’t find any!
What happened to Rock and Roll? What happened to Hip Hop? What happened to the cinema?

Films used to be…Great. Now they’re easy to make, easy to sell, easy to get bored of – everything’ s 4 stars or more – Everything’s the best film of the year – Fast food films – Fast food music – Fast food politics – Fast food ideologies – What’s the worth of working to live at the cost of your soul? So much so that you don’t want to live at all?”

– L.A. Salami – The City Nowadays

Chaos Theory – Stars

“Some nights back home, I looked deep into the sky towards the stars, at the distant worlds I knew existed but could not see. I would think that I am like one of those worlds. So, so far away, invisible to most eyes, as they – as I – would always be. It made me feel small looking up like that. Sure, I know everybody says that, but it’s true. You look out there, and you look down here. Witnessing the past light of all those stars, in a sense, looking into the past itself. And still, that light felt closer than all that surrounded me.”