Thank You – I Mean It!

This, is rather spontaneous, but it’s been on my mind, so why not also write a little on it?

I’ve been writing on here regularly since the beginning of October last year.

What did I think it might be back then? Well… to be honest, I saw it as nothing more than a place for my tumultuous thoughts to reside, a place where they would do no harm. It was the period when I returned home from university after a short week. Things weren’t great, in fact, they were awful. Though, I suppose they could have been far, far worse.

I didn’t know what to do.

I wasn’t sure I could do anything at all, but slumber in my anxiety…

So, I came home, and began writing here. At the beginning, it was simple. There were no goals, no aspirations, no plans. I just needed to know somebody could read what I wrote if they so pleased. I found comfort in that. I still do. Of course I do. I’m humbled by those of you who regularly read what I write. That means a massive amount. I don’t take that for granted.

I got into writing poetry.

I got into writing ‘Tiny Stories.’

I got into so many things.

I’m still getting into them…

This has become a staple part of the life I’m currently living. I don’t know where it’s heading, and I don’t want to know. Not everything I post is polished, and I don’t require it to be. I hope you can see something heartfelt in them, in the poems or stories. Each one of them is a part of me represented with words… of varying qualities. It’s a journey of self-discovery for the most part – if I’m able to say that without sounding pretentious. I don’t know what’s coming tomorrow. What words will arise with the sun, and what anxieties will haunt with the waning of it.

A life where everything is expected would certainly be boring.

It’s enlightening to see and read all your words too, because they are so beautiful, and it would be a shame for them not to be heard. This really is a great community, and now, I’m not sure what I’d do without it. I harbour a deep well of loneliness, and if I’m able to fill even a tiny part of it, that’s more than I could ever ask for. I need that motivation to create, to push myself onwards to deeper waters – to discover things about myself that are required, if not pleasant.

So… Thank You!


-Chris ❤


To Dream of Hope

“There’s no light in the world, no salvation or remorse for our situation. We have carefully crafted this shit-filled biosphere we live in. We have built this stockade of mislead humanity through our evil and selfish actions. And now we are paying the price; or, at the very least, the people of Ashen are. And that is enough for me to see no hope. For hope to be a feeble concept, without a backbone, and without anything driving it forward.”

Something… Maybe Nothing…

How many days must pass until the truth is revealed? I know and they know too, that life, and living, well… there’s no standard, and no true way. For one slips into the next, and the next into its neighbours. All that ever was, is, and all that will be… that’s something else entirely. Pondering questions of the future, and what that future has in store. Maybe a remedy, maybe something that reveals all there is to see and know. For we are young, living the passion of youth. A careless melody, starved in a crusade for truth. Lies they run our commons, biting and bruising all that we leave in the light of day. And we feel all under the light of the moon, the dusk, and the shortening of days. Because, in the end, we are all that we are…

Inhospitable Environments

Cacophonous in the fighting of souls.

Throned by acts of self-servitude;

With the hatred, the deposition of all obstacles.

Ravaging, sly swaying of ways,

Distributed amongst the populus.

Acclimated to the ritual destruction of all.


Like storms that rage on Venus.

Pounding, grinding, beating,

The most moralistic of features.

Turing stones to sand,

And riling at the highest of altitudes.


Bearing down like heavy soles on helpless ants.

Ruined, torn, beguiled – opinion eradicated.

Talking of savagery,

Talking of pain,

Talking of fairness,

Talking of nationalism…

Doing in self-righteousness;

Interest inherently in the progression of oneself.


So, take me down to the water’s edge,

Towards where the land meets the sea.

And on through the waves, and

Into the depths of the zeitgeist ocean,

Where the anglers lurk, and where there is little light.

Until finally, one is relieved of hope;

Beneath the Canopy

Eclipsed beneath the sweltering canopy.

Sweat, pouring from every orifice.

And for what, fear, servitude, country?

In the face of so much inhumane absurdity.

Alive, in the mud; though not truly living.

One cannot say this is life, nothing even close.

All that jumbles, and all that rots,

Here beneath the canopy where most is not.

The buzzing of days gone by,

The yearning of days yet to come,

Days existing within a distant, entirely uncertain future.

One men cannot ever hope to reach.

Indecision within every execution.

Nationalistic, heavy, redundant, feeble…

Man will always be man; there’s certainly no kidding.

Hidden, drowning, quivering in the mud.

Failing to stand up for those they reluctantly love.

Dead in the light that pushes through the thick leaves.

Men, silently begging as they’re relegated to their knees.

Unable to weep beneath the canopy.

For this is their life, all that turns the world.

Breathing the moisture of forgotten rain.

Trampling the bugs and creatures laid to waste.

This is life beneath the canopy…

The City Nowadays – Truth In Words

These are not my words. Of course, all credit goes to L.A. Salami, check out my recent post on him, look him up, listen with all your heart and soul.

“I’ve got heartache, headache, high cholesterol, low self esteem.
The terrorists are out to get me because I approved of Noam
Chomsky beating on his chest. – Illegally downloading music’s become too easy – it’ s destroying the culture.
But I don’ t wanna pay for it – fuck that. I’ve got bills to pay, I’ ve got food to eat – I don’t earn that much money –

There are jobs nowhere, I can’t find any!
What happened to Rock and Roll? What happened to Hip Hop? What happened to the cinema?

Films used to be…Great. Now they’re easy to make, easy to sell, easy to get bored of – everything’ s 4 stars or more – Everything’s the best film of the year – Fast food films – Fast food music – Fast food politics – Fast food ideologies – What’s the worth of working to live at the cost of your soul? So much so that you don’t want to live at all?”

– L.A. Salami – The City Nowadays

Terror and the Moon

From plate to plate in the world of green,

Motion in the sway of stiff grass,

Vibration in life that has come and gone;

Slow or fast.

Lived at a pace, comfortable in its ritual glance.

Rabbit hole and fox burrow,

Blind in the sheep’s deep wool,

And in the terror that lurks far, far above.

Extinguish and rebirth;

An unending perpetual circle, unstoppable.

Force upon force, exhibited.

Motion after motion, always sensed in line.

Edges felt; sandpaper smooth.

Different shoes to be worn with the turn of the moon.

From one passage to the next.

Undying in the light of secular angst.

From which a sprout is birthed;

From which one turns to insipid earth.